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Client Feedback

Tracie has been volunteering as part of our agency’s FEELGR8! Wellness Initiative since February 2014, providing meditation, breathing and yoga demonstrations for clients with severe mental health and substance abuse conditions. She is a joy to work with; her gentle, compassionate energy brings a special kind of serenity to her sessions, and clients and staff alike praise her amazing talent for helping people bring more wellness into their lives via yoga. – M.R. Recovery Resources

As a Yoga instructor Tracie strikes the perfect balance between inspiration and kindness. Once a week she brings light and love to my practice. She has been a fantastic teacher and friend as I navigated pregnancy, child birth, and new parenthood. Tracie has helped me strengthen not only my body but also my mind and spirit. She borrows from various traditions and wisdoms to bring a comprehensive and customized practice along with advice and anecdotes to boost my strength, energy, and mood. Each week she brings a practice plan that has been created to address specific needs or concerns, switching up the poses based on my progress, adding meditations and therapies, clearly a result of deep and diverse knowledge and a dedication to healing. I appreciate that when she is guiding me, she is fully present with me and my practice, and that she inspires me to do the same. Her love of her practice is obvious and infectious. I admire and respect her, as a teacher and a friend. Thank you, Tracie, for sharing your gift with me. – S.S. Private Pre/PostNatal Client

Tracie’s teaching style is supportive and informative, and she has a great understanding of energy and presence.  She uses her appreciation of anatomy to ensure a safe practice for us while encouraging us to challenge ourselves so we can grow in our own unique ways.  Tracie came to my home to provide healing reiki for my dog, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.  She was gentle and patient and he took immediately to her presence.  Having never met him before, her insights of him were accurate, and after their session he had the energy and playfulness of a puppy again!  I was present during the entire session and just being in their presence left me in a very peaceful, meditative state myself. – M.K-M. Student & Reiki Client      


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