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Recommended Links & Other Providers

Just like my clients, I’m always trying to make sure that I’m staying in optimal health emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Below are a list of providers that help me in my quest for a happy and fulfilling life!

If you are seeking some help in discovering your life purpose or passion, check out the services offered by Sanctuary at the Crossroads! There are many holistic practitioners available to help you in all aspects of your journey!  The can provide healing at all levels, whether you are looking for physical, emotional or spiritual guidance.

Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach that can assist you in bringing your life to next level.  She offers myriad services, so sign up for her newsletters to hear about her latest specials and offerings!

Dr. Tim Keyes, DC and body certified ART practitioner, is an amazing resources for physical health and wellness.  He is my regular chiropractor and I have had many clients and friends that have found success with his treatment.  He is located in Solon, Ohio.

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